The campaign continues...

Happy new year!  Thank you for all your support.  A update on the campaign to so far to save Summertown Library...

1. At a meeting of this North Area Committee this evening (6th January), a hall packed with local residents were unanimous in their support for Summertown Library.  (That might sound like some sort of Soviet-era propaganda, but they really were unanimous!)  Among the speakers was popular local author Colin Dexter, author of the Inspector Morse novels.  The officer from the County Council sent along to try to explain the county administration's thinking was left in no doubt that Summertown Library is a cherished community facility.

2. At a meeting of Oxfordshire County Council's Cabinet in December, a Summertown Reader explained how much the library is valued, and asked that the Council's leadership be more creative than simply closing the library.  (See the Oxford Times report here).

3.  Colin Dexter isn't the only well-known Oxford author to protest against the library closures, Philip Pullman, has been defending Oxfordshire's libraries (see the report here.)

4. An online version of the petition to save Summertown Library is hosted at the County Council website until 13th January, so sign here soon.  (Or you can email for a paper petition form to print out.)

5.  More things are brewing, so if you want to be updated on the campaign, please email  And if you have ideas, time, energy to share in the campaign, then that is even better!

6.  There's a public meeting against library cuts across Oxfordshire, at Oxford Town Hall on Thursday 20th January, at 7:30pm.

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